Monday, March 1, 2010

Why people fear to change?

I have seen many people do not like to change their stuffs in their lives if those stuffs give pains for them. People do not know why they do follow rules and regulations but they do not like to change those things. If one person try to change something bad to good, if it is good they do not like to see that change. Thats why sri lankan people cannot change their minds to do some big things.

Time has changed. We are now growing fastly. We haven't time to waste. We haven't time to wait for others. Everything is you. So it's time to change your minds. Think, then study what we are doing, What we can do, How we should start and it's time time to start your revolution in your mind.

Open your eyes, See the world, What we have, What we haven't and Why we haven't. Changes will give you good and bad both but right change definitely give you the success.


  1. This is the thing machoo, I agree with your argument but machan normally people don't like to change. Actually it is not like, they are fear to change! That comes with our culture I think. We got use to it can't get rid of it now.

    How many times I have tried to change myself but didn't work. But still want. Lacking of self discipline. Though we want to change our blood won't allow for it.

    But I think if we are really serious on this we can made it. Self discipline MUST be there. Otherwise won't work.

    Change is a need but should know how to change, what to change and when to change. Otherwise useless.

  2. The people in this country need to change their attitudes. This can't be do along. IT should be done by external forces. That means leaders of this country should start to do the work.
    But the problems is they don't want to do it because if they do so they wan't be able to practice all the corruptions in this country anymore.
    We need a leader who is really love this country and the people.


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